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Jim Oxley (Webmaster)
Sunday July 12, 2015 2:58 pm

Dear Chapter Members;

It is with much pride and happiness that I send you all this message.

My sole purpose here is to "THANK EACH AND EVERYONE" who participated in our Fourth of July Parade!

My list of "notables" is NOT absolute here, as there were so many who helped make this such a wonderful event and exhibition to the Santa Clarita Valley! But I would certainly be remiss if I did not mention some of our key" players.

First and foremost I want to that Mr. Harold Schrage, our Director of Events for his OUTSTANDING leadership and organizational skills in "pulling this off" so seemingly effortlessly and beautifully. Although we all know that it was anything but "effortlessly". Harold had a superbly talented and hard working team along with him. Namely:

Pat Scobie, (our VVA-AVVA liaison), Pat pulled off so very much and again had her own team of very hard working members and some non-members giving her aid and assistance. She worked tirelessly along with Harold to make this day so very special.

Sharon Ventrice (our own "Betsy Ross") her husband Bob, Pam Hogan (our own decorations maker) and her husband Jim, and all of the AVVA members that created and applied all the decorations that were not the norm on our floats, as well as such a GREAT BBQ at the end of the Parade. I noticed that people that were just park "visitors" were also welcomed and enjoyed a hamburger, hot dog and so many delicious side dishes as well, also Dennis Witzel (our Director of Membership) and his wife Sheila´s DELICIOUS white and dark chocolate dipped, very large strawberries. Robert Duncan marched alongside his dad Pete (our First Vice President) throughout the Parade, carrying our Colors as well, Robert was also responsible to carrying around very heavy bales of hay for our floats that I think he´s somewhat of a cowboy! Bruce Millhench (our Second Vice President / Sergeant at Arms), Fausto Galvan, for leading our Color Guard and calling cadence and his lovely wife for working so hard to keep things flowing for the BBQ as well, and anyone and everyone that I know I missed here. Please accept my apologies for not mentioning anyone else by name, my lack is due to the fact that I am limited to the amount of characters I can use here on our website. BUT LET IT BE KNOWN, THAT "EVERYONE" WHO WAS THERE, AS WELL AS ASSISTED, OR PARTICIPATED IS WELL WORTH THE LARGEST "THANK YOU" THAT I CAN DRUM UP!!!  

I THANK you ALL, and I again must say that this was indeed our best event EVER for the Fourth of July!

Last but not least:

VVA Chapter 355, "The Lost Patrol", won TWO Parade trophies:


You all were great and told all of the visitors and parade followers that WE are PROUD OF AMERICA AND EVERYTHING SHE STANDS FOR!

 We were provided vehicles from donors whom Harold has already mentioned and we were very delighted an proud to have the young singer from the group RockNacapella group with us. ANGELIC to say the least!

Nick Callas